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Doug & Tracy Kelley are alcoholic relationship experts and are available for speaking and radio/TV interviews. Both are experienced speakers.

If you can find two people who know more about alcoholic relationships than Doug & Tracy, hire them.



Doug Kelley is available to speak on the topic of resolving alcoholic relationships only. He does not speak on alcoholism in general. Bookings are accepted based on availability and venue. Professional fees or honorarium and expenses apply. Please contact Doug for more information at 941-740-2900. You may also visit Kelley Training Systems for information and videos.

Radio/Television Talk Shows and Appearances

Doug & Tracy Kelley will appear as alcoholic relationship experts on radio or television talk shows for free provided that this website, book, and audios are mentioned at the beginning and end of the program and at any segment breaks (if applicable). The audience must be informed where they can obtain these resources.

Please contact Doug Kelley for more information at 941-740-2900.







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Survival Guide

The most powerful book available for resolving an alcoholic relationship!  

Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do -- Must Read! Click Here for More Info!

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Survival Audio

Real-Life advice from 

two experts on alcoholic relationships!

Candid Conversations - Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do -- Must Listen! Click Here for More Info!

Candid Conversations Audio 

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