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Robin's Realm




I met him one night
As I typed away
Clicking and clicking for Mr. Right

The message came up in the box
Away we chatted half 
The night

A call we did share
To get each other 
To know we cared

An email came to me
The next morning
You see dear Robin
I do not have my sight

I lost it at such a young age
But having no sight
Has given me such knowledge over the years

I laugh now
When I think of a picture
I had sent over the internet
To a man who could not see

But Oh 
I have learned over the years
He can see so much more 
Than the rest of us

His wisdom is so bright
Even though 
He does not have his sight

He has taught me 
How a person can see
Even with their eyes
Closed to the light

Many a words he has spoken
Through conversations shared

You can do it
You are a beautiful person
Always take care and 
Believe in yourself

Look deep within that mind
And heart 
God has given you

We all have
Trials and tribulations
We can share and learn from

I thank him 
For over the time
He has given to me
His friendship
Always being so unconditionally

I shall always remember 
The night he shared
A leopard can never
Change his spots

Damn! He was so right!
Why did it take me 
So long to see the light?

Amazing is it not?
That I can see the sky,
See the colors of the day,
See the faces of so many,
But I cannot see the 
True light that really shines

And that is 
What a person is really
All about

So thank you Dear Bob
My friend of mine
For always, always,
Helping me to see the light!

--Robin Walters, February 21, 2006


Copyright 2006 by Robin Walters. All Rights Reserved. 

Robin Walters is an alcoholic relationship survivor and writer in New York state. Robin still longs to be a school teacher, but now satisfies that longing by sharing her life experiences in the hope that her lessons will lighten the load for others. She may be contacted at robin@empoweredrecovery.com. Read more of her writings at www.EmpoweredRecovery.com/robin .




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