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Robin's Realm


Getting On


There is so much in life

We all need to deal with


At times it is overwhelming

That a little help we all need


A time came in my life

That I had to seek that help


I went to this man

Who has such knowledge and words of care


He sat there and listed

While I cried out in pain


Help me! Help me!

I cannot see


He took the time to listened

And then showed me the way


Take care of your inner self

And all will be O.K.


What are you truly searching?

Look down deep and you will find

For so many inner beauty of qualities you have


A defining moment some day

Is what you will need


For he can only help himself

And you can only control you


I was in denial for so long

I look now and see

I was not controlling him

He was controlling me


The anger I have

In these wee hours of daylight

Are so strong


The longer he does not call me

The more I can see


I ask did he love me? Does he still?

It is really being shown

For that Brown Bottle

Is the one he wants not me


I must say it hurts me so

I have given so much along the way


All my love I give to him

And he still turns away


The ring I wanted for so long

To become his wife

To always be there and to always care


He said some hurtful things to me

A woman is who so loving and strong


But I have always remembered –

What would be the worst thing that could happen to you?

If he was not in your life?


That moment is coming

I can feel it through and through


I am scared, I am frightened

But my mind says-

Take a moment and look within you


For Craig has helped you see-


You are a beautiful person

And have so many good qualities


I took the time to seek out God

For he is above all others


I have prayed and prayed

He gave me this release

Writing my thoughts endlessly

The thoughts have taken over

And other things put aside


You need to hear these words

The Lord spoke

And get rid of the pain


So many in his life

Can see it- Him slipping away

He lets his own thoughts

All go to negativity


How sad it is

For he is a great man too

He has a lot to offer the world


None of us can tell him

He is the one who has to want it


Until he reaches that point

I have learned

I have to take care of me

So it will not be easy


But I want you to see Dr. Craig

Had it not been for you

And that endless list of things

To work on,

I would have thought I could never survive


So as the Christmas season passes

A year and half you have been with me


Thank you so much for not giving up on me!

You are wonderful person

One who can make one’s world shine again!


Because of you

I can get on in this world of life again


May you always have the strength

To help those in need


I thank you from the bottom of my heart


So I now say

                          “Guess What World You Will Not End”

                             I have a Brand New Start!


--Robin Walters, December 20, 2004


© Copyright 2004 by Robin Walters. All Rights Reserved. 

Robin Walters is an alcoholic relationship survivor and writer in New York state. Robin still longs to be a school teacher, but now satisfies that longing by sharing her life experiences in the hope that her lessons will lighten the load for others. She may be contacted at robin@empoweredrecovery.com. Read more of her writings at www.EmpoweredRecovery.com/robin .




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