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The Flame That Burns Within

By Cathy Coulson

Everyone is born with a candle that burns within them.
When we are young, it burns straight up and constant,
thus emitting a glow that people are attracted to.
However, any external disturbances can cause the flame within
us to flicker. Great disturbances can even cause the flame to go out.

As with children, the flame is obvious as anyone can see the glow that radiates
from a child's face. That's why people who have had many disturbances in their
life, can loose their external glow.

Should it so happen that ones flame gets completely put out, we then need the
help of another human being whose flame is strong enough to help light our
candle again.

It is the responsibility of every human being to do their best to protect the
flame that is burning within them.

When we maintain a healthy flame we will emit a glow that others are
attracted to. We will also carry around with us a sense of warmth within.
If we do not establish healthy boundaries, we risk having our flame smothered.
Sometimes we come across people in our lives that have chosen to focus on
building a bigger candle then anyone else. These people can cause their flame to
burn too strongly that others stay away out of fear of being burned themselves.

It is when a person physically dies that their flame goes out completely
and never able to be re-lit again. It is at this time only that the candle
itself has been used up.

When one speaks of a "light at the end of a tunnel" I will think of
a candle whose flame has been temporarily put out and is seeking
to be re-lit again.

So, when I feel a void deep inside me, I will know that my flame
has been smothered and I must find a way to bring it back to life.
Only then will I feel the warmth within me and emit the glow around me.

Next time you get "butter flies" or "knots" in the pit of your stomach,
remember that is your flame flickering from external disturbances.
Be careful. Don't ignore it or your flame just might go out.

--Cathy Coulson, Alcoholic Relationship Survivor








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