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About Empowered Recovery

Empowered Recovery (ER) is an educational program of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. ER was founded in 2001 by Dr. Douglas Kelley who experienced first hand the adversity and trauma of surviving an alcoholic relationship. ER is unlike any other program for non-alcoholics available. It focuses on resolving an alcoholic relationship rather than learning how to live with one. It is based on the "Recovery Paragon," a powerful model for success that consists of self-acceptance, self-responsibility, respect for free will, and self-completeness. ER has helped thousands of people--including children--to live better, more successful lives free of the suffering involved in alcoholic relationships and environments. While ER focuses on alcoholic relationships, the techniques are the same for other addictive relationships. The techniques and philosophies taught in the ER program were developed by Dr. Kelley in collaboration with his wife and partner, Tracy Kelley, who also survived an alcoholic relationship.


Those who find themselves in any kind of toxic relationship will benefit from reading the book, The Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide, available in both print and eBook versions.



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