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What Others Have Said About Empowered Recovery


These are some of the emails that I’ve received personally from those who have benefited from Empowered Recovery. More comments can be found in the Guestbook.


  • You helped me switch the light on - thank you so much —Linda X

  • Dear Doug, just wanted you to know of how much you and your site have helped me through these tough times. —A

  • Thank you so much… I do thank God that there are great people like you out there that help those in need. God Bless you Doug. —J :)

  • Dear Doug, my husband has been urging me for years not to have contact with my alcoholic sister. Over the last five years she has lied, been manipulative, lost her marriage, and has been jobless. Until I "found" your Empowered Recovery for Non-Alcoholics website I thought I could detach but also remain in a relationship with my sister. You have saved my life. I now know I can not have a relationship with my sister until she makes a commitment to sobriety and then actually lives up to her commitment. Thank you, Doug. I feel I have been sent an Angel by finding you and your website. Now I move on. With gratitude for your work, —M

  • Hi and thank you for this web site. I want so desperately to believe that my life could be different and that my husband can really stay sober. He is always so convincing and then I let him back and it just starts all over again. This is my last stand because I cannot take him back again. So, in reading the 10 things we should never do, I want to say thank you. —P

  • How is it that you always know exactly what to say without judging? It's wonderful to have a group that is so understanding. Thanks, —K 

  • Oh my god; thank you! Now I can understand more fully what is going on here! I came in and starting looking on the Internet, your site is fabulous. Thank you for having this available to us mere mortals. I will be reading this quite a bit. Right now I just have to get busy and learn. —T

  • Thank you for your website, it helps so much knowing there are people out there that understand and send us new people messages and hope. —A

  • Wow! I read your powerful article “Breaking the Generational Cycle” through streams of tears. I am the non alcoholic eldest of six daughters of an alcoholic mother… Now after reading your article I do want to move on. I understand it more now than ever. I hope I can break the cycle. Thank you. —S

  • I just wanted to let you know I downloaded your ebook today and printed it out. Could not believe how much of it related to me! It is great. I plan on finishing to read it tonight. Can't wait to share with my therapist how much I have learned from your website, yahoo group and the ebook! Keep up the great work. Thanks Again! —R

  • Good morning Doug, You certainly are inspired to help many such as I. Sometimes I felt confused in Al-Anon when people justified the alcoholic's behavior, and my guilt cluttered my mind as I was trying to figure my way out of that mess. Then I found your website, and that was the answer to my prayers. I'll be grateful to you for the rest of my life. I am sorry it took me so long to thank you for doing that! —M

  • Doug, I read your website a year ago, as I was dealing with the dilemma of my alcoholic marriage. I have been attending Al-Anon since 2002, and it has helped me a great deal also. However, when I found your website, I found the answers I had been searching for. You stated the reality of alcoholism and the choices we have in regards of it, in such a clear and concise way! I needed to hear your words. I divorced my alcoholic husband, and I keep working in my personal recovery. I am going back to college and I feel blessed with the new decisions I made for my life. I appreciate everything you shared. God bless you, —M

  • I am so glad you created this website, the crash course (and other articles) have helped me so much. Over the years I have felt so much anxiety, now that I have an explanation why .... I feel better. My husband will not accept the fact he is unable to drink at all, over the years he's gone through the cycle several times. Right now he's in the beginning of another, I realize it's only a matter of time till he will be drinking really heavy again and become abusive, so I have a plan of action to escape the craziness. Thanks again, —R

  • This is the most helpful information I've ever read, bless you for giving people access to this online. I went to Al-Anon a couple times, but it just wasn't my thing. I went through the whole course and it really helped me. Thank you again for bringing clarity to a very confusing situation. Warm regards, —R  




I saw them today
I saw those glassy eyes

What was hiding behind them?
What have you always
hidden from me?

Truth? Commitment? Honesty?
Faith? Trust?
Lies, Deceit and much more?

I believe you hid it all
You hid all your secrets from me
The one who you said you loved

I followed you down the road
A road of deceit and despair

I helped you over all the bumps
along the way
But where were you for me?

You left me along the road to fend
for myself
A road that I did not know where to go
A road that found me so lost and confused

I reached out and asked for
directions and guidance

That turn in the road
led me to a man and friends who cared
A man named
Doug Kelley
and my friends from
Empowered Recovery

He cared, Tracey cared, they all cared
I was not left to fend for myself

For with this turn
I learned the way to go
I learned it
All starts with ME

I cannot control your destiny
I cannot save you
Only you can do that

But I can
Take care of ME

So with you going down your path
and me down mine
My wish for you is good health
and sobriety

I have learned and continue to
do so everyday
the skills of

With the help of this man
and my friends there
I will have the road of life
I so deserve

To you Doug Kelley and friends

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
For a new start!

May your paths through
Empowered Recovery
keep you safe and well

I am so thankful for my choice-
The choice of not continuing
with the pain

I choose and do want my life to live
I do not want to sit back and die

September 7, 2005


Click Here to get your own copy of the " Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide"