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Candid Conversations

with Doug & Tracy Kelley

Audio Program




Listen in as Two Relationship Experts

Discuss, Expand, and Explain Important 

Alcoholic Relationship Issues

This 3 1/4 Hour Audio Program is a Supplement 

to ER's Guide Above; It Does Not Replace it

Candid Conversations with Doug & Tracy Kelley is NOT simply a rehash of the Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide. This program takes critical and sensitive alcoholic relationship issues to a higher level that can only be accomplished verbally. 

It discusses how to respond effectively to the alcoholic when the situation is tense; how and what to say to children to help them understand; assertive communication techniques and role plays; how to establish and maintain your boundaries; how to boost your self-esteem; common reasons why people remain in abusive alcoholic relationships and how to get out; how to not backslide once you've made a decision to leave the relationship; how to reinvent yourself, and so much more! This program includes some information not found in the book.

Table of Contents Follows Below

Candid Conversations Download Audio Edition (NOT CDs)

Candid Conversations Downloadable Edition: $12.00

• 3 1/4 hours of supplemental info

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• Self-extracting .exe file that is virus free and will automatically install the audio files on your computer


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eBook Edition

Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do -- Must Read! Click Here for More Info!eBook Version: $10.00


Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide

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We are sorry that we are no longer able to offer the eBook for free. The funds donated for this purpose have been depleted.

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Perfect Bound Print Version

Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do -- Must Read! Click Here for More Info!Perfect Bound Print Version: $22.00

The "Alcoholic Relationship Survival Guide" is available for $22.00. These books are brand new, high quality, perfect bound copies.

Print Version:

318 pages, 6 x 9 

ISBN: 1-4276-0700-1


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Individual Track Topics


• Self-Acceptance and self-esteem


• Self-Responsibility

• 3 Universal Laws of Personal Responsibility

• How nonalcoholics deny the alcoholic personal responsibility


• Respect for Free Will

• How we try to control alcoholics

• Snoopers Club

• Alcoholics and pathological lying when it comes to drinking and other things

• Emotional Energy required to control alcoholic

• How to relieve most of your stress

TRACK 4 (21:14)

• Myths & Realities of Why People Stay Part 1

• How and Why Belief Affects Your Decisions

TRACK 5 (20:18)

• Myths & Realities of Why People Stay Part 2

• Two Most Important Relationship Questions

TRACK 6 (25:48)

• How children are affected by alcoholic relationships

• Six things to keep in mind as you help your children cope with an alcoholic relationship

• What to say to your children and what not to say when leaving an alcoholic relationship

• The messages we send to our children

TRACK 7 (30:29)

• Establishing Healthy Boundaries

• 11 Powerful Assertive Communication Techniques for Nonalcoholics

• How to say it assertively

TRACK 8 (18:24)

• Betrayal of trust

• Letting go of the “Dream”

• Backsliding

• Phases of abuse

• How to not backslide

TRACK 9 (21:01)

• Dealing with Guilt, Grief, loss

• Guided Imagery relaxation demonstration

• Self-completeness

• Writing your history in advance

• Learning the lessons

TRACK 10 (11:17)

• How to reinvent yourself



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